How to make Daisy Seed work with Eurorack voltages?

I have a Daisy Seed that I bought during the Kickstarter campaign. My long-term aim was to use it as the brain of a Eurorack module whose main function was sequencing and modulation (like the Ornament and Crime). My question is how do I supply a +/-10 volt Eurorack power source safely to the Seed? I know I need to step the voltage from and to 0-3.3v.

I know this is kind of a general electronics question but I’m hoping someone has already created circuits that can interface safely with the ADC and Digital out pins and can assist?

Assuming the Daisy Patch has all the required voltage stepping on the ins and outs built-in?

Thanks in advance.

The daisy patch schematics are freely available on GitHub, maybe take a look there for circuits to use?
Also erorack power is +/- 12v, it’s the CV signals that are +/-10v.
You should just be able to copy the relevent parts of the patch schematics, but if you want to understand further, the things to research are dc-dc regulators, voltage dividers, clamping diodes, and operational amplifiers.

Alternatively, if you just want something you can connect a power header, jacks and pots to and get stuck in to DSP programming immediately, you might benefit from picking up a patch submodule, which comes ready made for euro level signals.