How to build a "big patch" in C++?

How do I do the equivalent of the Plugdata “Patch size = Big” setting when building my own C++? is there a change I can make to the Makefile? I found some discussion of this, but the page it linked to for details was 404.

@perkowitz Here’s the live link:

The C++ equivalent of a PlugData “Big Patch” is the Daisy bootloader. You put the Seed in DFU mode, run make program-boot to flash the bootloader binary, then add the line APP_TYPE = BOOT_SRAM to your Makefile, recompile, and run make program-dfu. On subsequent compilations of your patch, you don’t need to enter DFU mode again or reflash the bootloader - it’s enough to press the reset button to get the bootloader to listen for a new patch upload.

There is a kind of intermediate approach to this, though: you can move large objects (such as buffers for audio) to SDRAM or QSPI with the macros DSY_SDRAM_BSS or DSY_QSPI_BSS, at the cost of slower read / write speeds. More info here:

Thank you! I’ll start experimenting with this tomorrow