How many GPIO does Patch have, 12 or 16?

Hi, I’m just planning a project with the Daisy Patch submodule (very excited!) and have a possibly stupid/pedantic question: the product page says there are 12 GPIO pins, but I count 16 on the pinout. Is this just a typo on the product page? Should be able to accomplish what I want even with 12 GPIOs, but 16 would be much easier so I just wanted to check!

I count 16 “GPIO” on Page 3, table 2 “Detail” column.

But 4 of those have 47k pullups - maybe that’s why it says to 12 GPIO’s in some tables (?)

Thanks Jens, that would make sense, or maybe they don’t count the ADC pins as GPIO? Either way, looks like my project is possible :slight_smile: