How do I control LEDs with the Patch SM?

I’m going through the example programs in DaisyExamples\patch_sm\GettingStarted, and none of them explain how to set a GPIO output (in this instance to toggle an external LED and not the one built into the Patch SM) to be high/low. I assume the way you do this is the same as how you write the state of a gate output:

dsy_gpio_write(&patch.gate_out_1, true)

However I don’t know what to substitute for “&patch.gate_out_1” to, say, set pin D1 high to illuminate an LED connected to that pin. I tried to replace it with “&patch.D1”, but that gave me an error which reads:

argument of type “const dsy_gpio_pin *” is incompatible with parameter of type “const dsy_gpio *”

I looked through daisy_patch_sm and it appears that the only defined instances of type const dsy_gpio are user_led, gate_out_1, and gate_out_2. What do I have to do in order to use GPIO pins in this fashion?