HI-Z to Lo-Z

HI Folks

I want to input raw guitar to the daisy. I’m guessing I need a simple Hi-Z to Lo-Z circuit?

Does anyone know how to do this easily?

Currently I use a wireless transmitter/receiver for my guitar, and that buffers the signal to lo-z - and it’s fine, but I’d love to able to input raw guitar via a standard cable!

many thanks


Check the Petal schematic, MCP6004 opamp, and a few resistors and capacitors.

ok great thanks! I’ll check that out.

As @tele_player said, a single op amp circuit like the one in the Petal will do the trick.

In the meantime, you can put virtually any stompbox in front of the Daisy, as long as you can turn down the controls to pass a clean signal when engaged (not true bypassed). It will do the buffering just like your transmitter/receiver.