Here is a helper class for the PedalPCB Terrarium

libDaisy includes a class DaisyPod, used to make interfacing with the Pod breakout board easier. I created a Terrarium class based on this DaisyPod class to perform the same functions for the PedalPCB platform. The pins and knobs have been updated and functions irrelevant to this platform, such as MIDI, have been removed.

Included with these files is a Readme with instructions on how to add this class to libDaisy. To start a new project, I use the script to create a new Pod example and just change the name of the header file and the instantiation to use daisy_terrarium.h instead.

Hope that new Terrarium users find this helpful in getting started! (3.2 KB)

As noted in comments, Terrarium doesn’t have RGB LEDs. But libDaisy has an LED class which can control the brightness on single-color LEDs using PWM.

Thanks for pointing that out, just caught that myself and will replace it with the PWM control.