Help with oopsy.gate2clock

I’ve been enjoying playing the gen~ integration and have got close to finished on a glitchy delay patcher I’m building with the patch.Init but I’ve reached a stumbling block. I’m trying to use oopsy.gate2clock from oopsy.suggestions and I can’t get it produce a BPM value. I’ve patched the bpm output to the maths needed to control a delay and the phasor output is working fine but the bpm out doesn’t seem to be producing any meaningful value. I’d normally troubleshoot using numbers etc. but I’m finding it hard to diagnose anything.

I’ve got a clean gate signal going in and I can tell from the LED that patch.Init is receiving the clock just fine. Please help!

After a bit more investigation and the realisation that I can just use Max to troubleshoot it seems that, in my patcher, oopsy.gate2clock outputs a float <0 on the bpm output. My workaround has been to calculate the bpm from the samples output and this is working fine.

Yeah making a tap-tempo/MIDI clock thing is definitely a little tricky!