Hello Discord (Goodbye Slack)

Hello Everyone!

After some deliberation, we’ve decided to migrate our Slack Workspace over to Discord.

We’re encouraging everyone who uses the Slack to migrate over to that platform.
Here’s the invite link!

Discord is functionally very similar to Slack, and should feel familiar.

For anyone unaware, the Slack Workspace only stores messages for 90 days before deleting them, which prevents anything from being searchable in the long term.
We’ll be leaving the Slack workspace active for at least the next 90 days, but recommend people move over sooner.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Hello! I’d like to join the Discord, but the invite link here (and on the website) just brings me to a page saying it is “invalid or expired”.

They might have used the default expiration limit of 7 days on that link by mistake, here’s another one with unlimited expiration: Daisy

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Thanks, but I get the same “Invite Invalid” error on this new link too.

Nevermind, my bad… Must be on my side - when I use a different browser (without addons), it works fine.