Hardware reset button

I didn’t know where this topic would fit best but I figured it couldn’t hurt to put it here.
Looking through the Seed pinout I can’t find any hardware reset pin. The button on the board itself is fine on the bench but I wanted to extend a more accessible button to my module panel.
I just took it for granted that there would be one so I designed a space for it on the panel and installed a button but now I don’t see a place to hook it up.

Any ideas?

A flying lead onto the 10 pin mini-JTAG header. Can’t remember which pin is reset but one of them is.

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That would be pin #10 according to ST-link docs. Looks like one of corners pins near USB connector, not sure about header orientation.

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Thanks! I did a quick test with a multimeter and looking at the pinout:

it seems like the one on the right closest to the USB connector is connected to the reset button.

I’m guessing bringing it high should do the reset?

Usually it’s pull low to reset, release high to run again

Just check it with multimeter if unsure.