Handling Versio's CV ins and knobs separately?


It appears to me that Versio doesn’t allow to handle separately CV ins and knobs: each CV seems to be automatically mapped to the relative knob and as such it is impossible to process knobs movements and CV inputs differently. Is it correct?


Hi @hirnlego and welcome to the Daisy Forum!

That’s correct. The Knob/CV pairs on the Versio are summed on the hardware, and therefore cannot be processed independently in software.

Ok, thanks for confirming it.
I’m struggling to find a way to “detect” when a parameter is changed via knob rather than CV input, but at this point I reckon it’s impossible. Any suggestion?

It depends on what you have to do and if you have enough “resources”.

Clearly, you can use a combo of one CV IN and two KNOBS:

CV1   --> input 
KNOB1 --> "attenuverter" for CV1 input
KNOB2 --> independent manual parameter tuning (CV2 virtually unused)
parameter = KNOB2.value * 5 + (KNOB1.value - 0.5) * 5;

Thanks for the idea, unfortunately I’m using all the knobs/CVs…
Anyway, I went a different route and the need just disappeared.