Guitar pedal (petal) schematic

Basic question - is the guitar pedal / petal schematic available on github yet? I assume it’s still being worked on, as I don’t see it in in the hardware reference folder. Unless I’m looking in the wrong spot?

It hasn’t been posted yet, but will be posted very soon, along with the petal’s phase of shipping :smile:


hi there, just got my Daisy today… very excited to get started… Just wondering, does anyone have the circuit to buffer/attenuate guitar level inputs (as opposed to line level)?
I guess these will be included in the above ‘pending posting’?

I came with this to buffer the input and output:

Caution, this was not thoroughly tested. It works on a breadboard but I’m waiting to receive the prototype PCBs to do more extensive tests. Also, off the screenshot, there are 100 nF bypass capacitors between op amps pins 4 and 8. If you care about linearity, use polypropylene or C0G/NP0 ceramic caps. The 100 nF coupling caps can be in (cheaper and smaller) polyester. The +4V5 bias voltage is generated with a bridge made of two 22 kΩ resistors and a 47 µF bypass capacitor.

Also, please note that the input buffer is inverting, so the polarity should be inverted in software if you care about it.

I hope it helps.

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Hey that’s awesome! I’ll get this on a breadboard asap. Thanks, Will

The Daisy Petal schematic files are now live on GitHub!

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