Guitar Multi-Effects (Field)

For my second project I am passing a guitar signal to the Field and adding distortion, delay, and reverb in a line where they can be independently toggled. Which effects are active are displayed on the screen as well on the key LEDs that are used to toggle them.

Starting to get the hang of writing to the screen. I definitely need to start reading up on some C++ because I’m sure I’ve injected plenty of inefficiencies. Is simply multiplying the ins before processing the best way to boost the incoming signal? Comments always welcome.


Multiplying the ins doesn’t boost the signal. It just makes the numbers bigger.

If the input signal isn’t able to drive the ADC to the number of bits needed for acceptable dynamic range, then the only solution is more gain in the analog circuitry driving the ADC.

I seem to remember you might want to asses/add a jfet buffer for the input stage in order to present daisy with an appropriate impedance as opposed to that of the guitar pickups. You could add supplementary circuitry to add gain or attenuation ass needed (don’t know if field features this stuff already). There are various examples online for this kind of jfet buffer for guitars.