Graphic User Interface for the codingly inept

I am completely and utterly helpless when it comes to programming and coding. I tried to play around with the FV1’s SpinCAD program but obviously the thing has its limits and as far as I know support is rare

Is there a graphic UI for someone like me that will help me develop guitar effects?

Axoloti Core, or it’s newer derivative , Akso.

Honestly I tried it and it was still confusing as hell

Unfortunately, audio DSP is complex. There is nothing that I’ve heard of which beats Axoloti for simplicity and flexibility. Certainly not Daisy.

…not yet.
I do have some hope an Axoloti like environment will be developed for all these Daisy iterations.

Hope is good, but there isn’t any indication yet that any work is being done in this direction.

As evidenced by Akso, the Axoloti patcher could be modified to run on Daisy.

I have to agree with @tele_player, Axoloti is a good place to start. I have 5 of them and learned the DSP basics from playing with Axoloti.

Or you can also try out Pure Data, which is now my preferred DSP platform. Pure data is free and excellent and you will be able to find endless(literally) resources on the web, like Youtube for example. There are so many videos on Youtube teaching you the basics of Pure Data. I learned the basics from this series, by dr. hernandez(cheetomoskeeto):

And once you got the basics right, you can start to look into the thousands of thousands of Pure Data patches they have pretty much any kind of algorithm that you can think of.

Keep in mind that the tutorial says it uses Pure Data Extended. But I did not use that, you can use the newest version of Pure Data Vanilla distribution, which you can find here. :

As far as I remember he does not use alot of Pure Data Extended only functions, so vanilla should be fine.

And the good thing about Pure Data is that eventually it is going to be supported for Daisy Seeds too, using a script that turns Pure Data patches into code that can be loaded onto the Daisy Seeds. Atm. there is easy implementation for Daisy patch and a few others, but not the barebone Daisy Seeds. But it’s being worked on, as far as I know.

So basically anything you learn in Pure Data, you will eventually be able to use directly on Daisy Seeds, once the PureData > Daisy Seed script is updated a bit more.