Getting started with the Daisy SM

I wanted to share what I learnt in getting started with the Daisy SM. After setting up libraries for the Arduino IDE which was straightforward I imagined it would work like the Arduino. However these are the mistakes I made and learnt from:

  1. Someone on the forum helpfully pointed out I needed to select the Tools/Board part number/Daisy Patch SM in Arduino IDE which I overlooked.

  2. In Takumi’s very good VCO tutorial How to Play Audio Out of the Daisy change the hardware type to DAISY_PATCH_SM. I hope there will be more of these coming. I may do one myself :slight_smile:


  1. You need to power the Daisy SM which I did using a Eurorack adapter, see other post. This is because 5v usb won’t power the external circuits that need 12v.

  2. I have just ordered a ST Link V2 so it will be easier to upload patches and debug without having to BOOT RESET every time. The ST Link V2 can be picked up cheaply and I’m sure this will be fine for my needs. Kunkune in the UK I found are a good supplier.

  3. If you purchase the Daisy SM on its own it does not come with a 2x5 mini JTAG header for using the ST Link. This part was quite hard to find, sure the big suppliers have it but have a hefty shipping fee for a part that’s cheap. I find one supplier on ebay for the UK otherwise you can get it from Ali Express but have to wait 2-3 weeks.

  4. The Daisy SM datasheet is a very good reference for connecting peripherals and took me a while to discover.

I am very excited to be able to start building some of my own applications now I have set it up, thanks everyone on the forum for helping me out. Here’s wishing you an enjoyable journey and hope this helps.

Note: STLINK v3 mini (or the newer usb-c v3 mini-e) comes with a ribbon cable which correctly connects to the header on patch_sm. The V3 mini (either version) isn’t as cheap as the generic v2 clones, but it’s still cheap.

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I couldn’t find any cheap here in the UK or on Ali Express. I got a V2 for £5 and the V3 is about four times that price and I can’t imagine why it would be worth it.

Here in USA, V3 mini is $20 at ElectroSmith, $12 at DigiKey. The ribbon cable is less fiddly than the headers on V2…

Note: with STLink you can only program the internal Flash memory. This may be enough for your initial trials, but if you want to start using the Daisy Bootloader it is (currently, at least) not possible to flash using STLink.

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