Getting Started -- Staying the Course

I got my Pod about a week ago. I jumped in with both feet and an arm. So much to learn–soooooo much :scream:

At that time I was finishing up a mac mini G4 implementation of an Amiga MorphOS project, to make a modern-day version of what the Amiga would be if Commodore hadn’t gone belly up. Fine. The Pod shows up and my attention is diverted. :smile:

Now I’ve managed to cobble together a Getting Started Guide for the Pod, which focuses on setup and use with Max MSP/oopsy. And I’m in a long arduous process of learning Max to the point of being able to do something useful, at least on the audio side. Fine. But:

I just purchased the hardware required to put together an OS/2 installation called Arca Noae. Why? Because it turns out OS/2 is great for running DOS and all those ‘retro’ games and applications. Which is one of the many interests I have, and projects I am working on. Some projects get put on the back burner and some get front row access, especially if an intriguing online event occurs.

So what’s the point? The Daisy Environment/Ecosystem/World requires serious commitment. Look at the CHOMPI Kickstarter:

You think this happened overnight? But they got a Million Dollars for a 30k goal!!! So there is a serious desire among consumers for products possibly made with Daisy, and there may be a serious desire among musicians and hobbyists to make their own stuff, but it requires a serious commitment to learn and, if not master, at least get effective in a number of disciplines. I know and follow musicians who program Max4Live plugins, and I know and follow musicians and hobbyists who build various hardware projects than mimic and emulate current expensive audio equipment. And they may make it look easy, but it is not easy.

So I can feel that maintaining the discipline to, for example, learn Max MSP to the point where I’m doing something useful…well, my attention is slipping is all I can say. :wink: :v:




Sensei you are the best. If I had a Japanese son, you would be it. I see so much of the early Ben in you.



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is this a book with code that can be used on daisy? (total noob here)