Getting Started -- Newbie Friendly Max MSP Course (free)

If you want to use Max MSP to program your Daisy, here is a free course from Kadenze:

Look over the syllabus to see if it is a fit for your level of understanding of Max and your goals for learning to program the Daisy.


I took this a few years ago. A great introductory/refresher course. Recommended.

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I have heard great things about this course :slight_smile:

And since Oopsy uses [gen~], I recommend these two resources afterwards:

  1. Free Online [gen~] Tutorial
  2. [gen~] book that came out recently

I’m 1/4 way into the book but I can recommend it already!

Great, I’m going to add some of these links to my getting started guide for the pod.
BTW Michael C. read my guide and he was very complimentary. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe we could have a Curriculum Page in the forums or wikis?

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I’m glad to hear that! I still need to have a look at the guide as well when I find the time!
And I’ll keep you posted on that other thread about being able to post .pdf.

lysdexic audio put out a series of useful gen~ tutorials on event scheduling on his YouTube channel.

Gen~ tutorials

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Hi Astrin, is your getting started guide available online?

I decided to take the guide offline. It was a work in progress anyway. I’ll let E-S provide the documentation for the Pod.

Thanks for letting me know.

Do I understand correctly that it is called Max MSP , but I cannot use the MSP library and objects!? only gen~ is that correct? in Max8 under Help>Examples>gen there are many examples that you can copy … rename inputs and outputs to “in 1”&“in 2” +“out 1” & “out 2” …
Use them with the daisy pod template just copied in…

it would be nice if oopsy could optionally also write several Gen~ patches on the Daisy Pod, which can then be switched through with the encoder as is also possible with the others… Patch & Field … :thinking:

Hi Johann!

Yes, Oopsy is only gen~. So anything outside of the [gen~] object in your Max patch is not built nor flashed.
And definitely! It’s a great idea to look through the gen~ examples and porting them for the Daisy :slight_smile:

I think it would be great to have the multi-app feature for the Daisy Pod as well. Thank you for the suggestion!!

Thanks for the answer.
And thank you for your daisy videos without them i probably wouldn’t have started 1 month ago.
I am enthused :smiley:


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