Gateout patch.init() with pd

I’m struggling make gateout working.
Is there a specific way to get a gate out ?
When I’m running patch_init_test.pd, gateout1 has the good behavior. (outs gate when gatein receive a gate). BUT except this patch, I can’t make those gateout work. I don’t understand.
With a simple metro I have nothing. Same thing with toggle and button.
Does someone has a patch to share ? Like a clock divider or step sequencer. It’d be easier to see.
Other thing, I have no problem getting sound. All my “sound” patch runs perflectly.
Many thanks for your help.

Maybe show the patch your are trying to use so we can see what might be the issue?

Yeah sure,
Here one patch, doesn’t work on my patch.init.
Capture d’écran 2022-11-21 à 16.45.52

Reading from json2daisy/patch_init.json at main · electro-smith/json2daisy · GitHub
I think it should be gateout1 or gate_out_1 so no caps.

Tried without caps, same result. (on patch_init_test it’s [r Gate1 @hv_param] and [s GateOut1 @hv_param])
Using daisyWebProgrammer I can embeb every patch_sm, fully working.
Wondering if the issue could come from my pd or my installation.
Every patch I embeb (with terminal), have the same error message :

dfu-util: Error during download get_status
make: *** [program-dfu] Error 74

I have no clue at all

For example, this patch (embeb via terminal) is fully working…