FTDI programmer with Daisy SM

Can I use a FTDI programmer with Daisy SM? The reason I am asking this is so I can upload code to the Daisy without having to BOOT RESET (like Arduino) which is fiddly and irritating having to turn it over every time.
I am also using the STM32 and wondering if it can be connected in a similar way to this:

The STLINK V3-MINI costs $20 at ElectroSmith, $12 at DigiKey. Not much point in using anything else.

I already have an FTDI usb programmer as above which was only $4 which I believe I can use the same way but I can’t find any documentation about connecting to the Daisy Sub Module.

It just needs GND VCC and two input channels.

I see I now need a mini JTAG header

To the best of my knowledge, the only current ways to flash a Daisy Seed or patch_sm are :
1)micro-USB, after pushing the buttons
2) STLINK, no buttons

Yes, the patch_sm needs the header, which only comes preinstalled when patch_sm is included with Patch.Init.

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