Fritzing for Pod


I have Pod, which I’d now like to expand. Is there a Fritzing diagram available for the Pod? As the pod has extra header sockets (for expansion), it would be neat to have a Fritzing diagram for the Pod.

Likewise, it would be helpful to have a Fritzing for the Pod as a ‘Daisy on a breadboard’, i.e., suppose you wanted to make your own Pod from a Daisy, what would that look like? Again, that would be a helpful starting point for expanding the Pod.


@shensley - adding the message also here.

I’ve added to the svg inside the Fritzing / fzpz document as well, adding additional functions. I’m not very familiar with Fritzing, but perhaps I could send the file through for inclusion in the fzpz? In the schematic, I’ve basically added the same connection labels / colours as in the usual pin layout for Daisy.

I’m using Fritzing 0.9.6 with a seed board. The breadboard and Schematic views look correct, but in the PCB view all of the rat lines end in the center of the seed IC, not at the individual pins. I notice this issue starting from scratch and when starting with an example i.e. blink. Is this a bug with fritz, issue with the seed fritz file, or human error on my part :). Anyone else experiencing this issue?