Fritzing for Pod


I have Pod, which I’d now like to expand. Is there a Fritzing diagram available for the Pod? As the pod has extra header sockets (for expansion), it would be neat to have a Fritzing diagram for the Pod.

Likewise, it would be helpful to have a Fritzing for the Pod as a ‘Daisy on a breadboard’, i.e., suppose you wanted to make your own Pod from a Daisy, what would that look like? Again, that would be a helpful starting point for expanding the Pod.


@shensley - adding the message also here.

I’ve added to the svg inside the Fritzing / fzpz document as well, adding additional functions. I’m not very familiar with Fritzing, but perhaps I could send the file through for inclusion in the fzpz? In the schematic, I’ve basically added the same connection labels / colours as in the usual pin layout for Daisy.