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- Where’s the Wiki?
Our Wiki is hosted here on GitHub.

- Where should I get started?
Check out our Welcome to Daisy topic for the best path forward.

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All schematics are hosted on our Hardware GitHub repo.

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All example code and libraries are hosted on our Electrosmith GitHub organization.

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  • Check to see if there is an existing topic in our Daisy Forum which addresses your issue. If there isn’t one already, feel free to make one!
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Where can I purchase a Daisy?
Daisy is available on the Electrosmith website.

Hello! Loving the DaisyPod thus far! Question: I’m sending audio out via 1/8" y-cable to stereo 1/4". I’m noticing a very loud buzz in the line, is there a cable grade or best way to capture the line out in a clean manner? Forgive me, I’m typically just a musician and don’t mess with much with the cables/gain staging etc.

I don’t get this buzz when using my BeyerDyanamic DT770 headphones for reference.

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I haven’t done anything with the Daisy board yet, but based on previous experience with Teensy, one thing you could try is switching power sources. If you’re using your computer’s USB power, maybe try a USB battery instead?

This is to eliminate the possibility of some kind of ground loop.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for the response! I’ll give that a try. :slight_smile:

When you say “1/8 inch y-cable to stereo 1/4 inch”, what do you mean? To me, that sounds like a stereo (TRS) 1/4" jack on one end and 2 mono (TS) 1/8" jacks on the other end. I’ve been buying a lot of cable and connectors and that’s what I would assume you mean.
If that’s the case, what are you plugging the 1/8" jacks into?

I think you would want a 1/8" TRS to 1/4" TRS cable plugged into the Line Out of the Pod.

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Thanks for your response! A y-cable usually means two connectors on one end, and one connector on the other, to create a y-shape. I have a 1/8" single cable out to dual 1/4". Sorry for the confusion! I tried what @skybrian mentioned and plugged the usb power directly to wall adapter, and the hiss and buzz went away. It would only happen when I powered from another usb device like my pc or macbook. Problems solved for now! I don’t mind the buzz while testing and debugging, but nice for recording sounds from my own creations if there’s no buzz. :smiley: Thanks again for responding!

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