Float object not working?

I’m trying to build a patch on patch.Init() that plays back an audio recording every time a gate signal is received. The start point of the table playback is controlled by a knob.

I’m using a float object to store the value of the knob, the value is then updated every time a gate is received.

If I connect cv_1 directly to the phasor I’m able to scrub through the audio recording if I connect through float nothing happens. the patch works fine in plugdata.

It would be good if someone can clarify the use of the gate inputs on patch init. I presume that if I use: gate_in_1_trig it sends a message on the rising edge? is this output the equivalent to a bang message?

I plan to use a 48ppqn clock signal, what is the best method for turning this into bang messages?

See the component reference: Pd2dsy JSON · electro-smith/DaisyWiki Wiki · GitHub
The _trig variant indeed outputs a bang, however it looks like you have a space in the name? Could be the cause why this is not working.

I also think your tabwrite~ are only recording when the patch loads, maybe you need to add another gate input so that you can use it practically on the device?

Tip: put a short (20ms or so) line~ after your cv_2 input so that your amplification gets a continuous and smooth signal.

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Indeed, syntax error, thanks for spotting that,

This is just a test section of code, but thank you for the tip for using a line~

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