Flashing Via ST-Link v2 - Oopsy

Im trying to flash via a STlink v2 instead of USB. When I go to flash MAX MSP oopsy is saying Daisy not ready on USB. How do I force the command to assume STlink?

I am powering the unit separately as I believe STlink will not power the unit standalone as the USB connection does.

The coms LED on the ST link is red i think, although it could be orange as i havent seen it change yet.

Im on a M1 MacbookAir.

Additionally when I try to use the WebProgrammer, I press the connect button and it connects “Paired” to the STM32 STLink but I am not able to press “Flash Blink” or flash a demo program.


Currently both oopsy and the web programmer only support flashing via USB.

Your hardware connections should be fine, and you’re correct that the ST Link does not provide power to the Daisy.

For oopsy you can work around this in two ways:

  1. Manually open a terminal to the location of the generated build folder (within Max 8/Packages/oopsy/source/build_*), and run make program
  2. Edit the oopsy.js to change make program-dfu to make program

I have not tested that latter. So there could be a few other things (such as the string-checked errors) that could have an effect on that working properly.

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Thanks Stephen,
Ill try the terminal method #1.


Hi Stephen ,
Can you explain further what I need to do to flash the Daisy with a build via the STLinkv2.
I ran ‘make’ after cd’ing to the build directory containing the Makefile and terminal returned

make: Nothing to be done for ‘all’.

Are there STLink specific arguments that I need to be adding?

Many thanks and sorry for the nooby questions. I was hoping the STLink would help me flash the Daisy Seed easier without having to add a hole in my enclosures for the USB connection.


Here’s a brief overview of some of our makefile commands.

  • make compiles your local code. This will print Nothing to be done for 'all' if your code has already been compiled and no further changes have been made.
  • make program flashes your code over the st-link
  • make program-dfu flashes your code over USB. (daisy must be in DFU mode).
  • make clean deletes your build folder. This will give you a fresh start to try compiling again.

So if I want to compile my code and flash it over the debug probe all in one go, I’ll often write a command like make && make program.
This will first compile your code (if it needs compiling). If the compilation is successful, it will then flash your code over the debug probe.


Thanks Ben,
I just tried “make program” and it works. So simple :slight_smile:
Thanks for making the obvious more obvious.


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