Flashing Daisy POD with Pure Data step sequencer

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to Daisy Pod and Pure Data, but I have PD2DSY running, and tested.
My question is about uploading my own Pure Data patch to the POD.
…I built my own Pure Data patch for an 8 voice, 16 step sequencer with BPM control, and I am having issues embedding it on my Daisy Pod. It gets stuck in the compiling phase.

All I would like to try right now, is to activate the pre-programmed sequence by pushing one of the buttons on the Daisy Pod.
Here is my Pure Data patch and a screenshot of the PD2DSY action:

I hope this makes sense, thanks in advance!

Have you been able to flash a simple patch to the Pod yet?
This “getting stuck” is certainly not supposed to happen.

Btw sw1_press will only give the current state of the knob, so it will not toggle as you seem to want.
The plain sw1 is likely going to give a better result as it just outputs a bang which will flip your toggle on/off.

Also, you are trying to read a wave file using [readsf~], which is not supported → Supported vanilla objects | hvcc

Start by making a compatible patch. It is very likely that this is the reason pd2dsy is stuck.
If you use plugdata then you can enable Compiled mode which will warn you when your patch contains unsupported objects.

Hello, as @dreamer says, readfs~ is not supported. One way to make a compatible patch, is to upload each wav file into an array/table and then to save your patch with the wav files in the pd patch code. This requires that the wav file are not too big. Compile patch with the size options…Hope this helps

Hi! Thank you for the reply:) Yes I was able to flash the pod with the example. I appreciate the tips, I will study further

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thank you for the tips as well!