Flash memory vs. SD Card for persistent storage

I stared working on a very simplistic synth and was thinking to use Daisy POd’s SD card to store the configuration. This is similar to how most of the virtual synths for daisy pod work.

However, it occurred to me it may be even easier to store the configuration using the FLASH memory.

I am wondering if there is a way to tell the programmer to reserve a portion of the FLASH memory and prevent it from being overridden. This would allow to write/read the config as a binary file there, while the rest of the process would remain the same.


I don’t actually know this, but I think that is difficult on the Daisy-Seed processor (STM32H750IB) because there is only one block of flash, so it must be erased to program. I suppose you could read it first and then re-program the ‘persistent’ storage along with the code.

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