First order filters


I am new in the daisy seed forum and making projects.
I just wanted to start using the simple library examples, but I cannot find in the DSP library a module for first order low pass filters (LPF) so I can set up its frequency cutoff. I could not find a first order high pass filter neither.

I could implement my user level function for LPF but the whole idea of daisy is that it has many things already done and I think the first order filters must be somewhere maybe in another library (not the DSP one), maybe with a name that doesn’t remind me what i need.

By the way, I want to make a frequency glider so given notes changes, an exponential frequency change is heard

where I can find these first order filters?

Thank you

A good starting point would be DaisySP/Souce/Filters/tone.h, which is a simple first order LP filter. There are more complex filter in the same folder.