FFT - Spectral Processing

HIya, sorry if this is a silly question but how do I implement FFT/Inverse FFT on the Daisy Seed? Do I need to include any extra libraries? I have a spectral blur algorithm I’d like to try out, but obviously need to get things in and out of the frequency domain.
Thanks for any help!

Hey Blush Audio!

Sorry for the delay in response.

Which programming language is that algorithm written in? If it’s in C++, I recommend running it and see if it works or what error messages show up. If it’s in Pure Data or gen~, FFT is not yet supported as far as I know.

By the way, there is an header file of FFT implementation algorithm written by Emilie Gillet that you may find helpful analyzing.

DaisyExamples → stmlib → fft → shy_fft.h

Finally, I highly recommend joining the Discord and ask around to see if anyone has implemented FFT successfully!


Hi @Takumi_Ogata,

Thanks for the response! I’m using C++ as the moment. The algorithm doesn’t work at the moment, without being able to get the signal into the frequency domain with FFT.
I’ve looked at the header file by Emilie and included it in my project, but I can’t seem to figure out how to actually use it, nor can I see any implementation of it, even in Mutable Instruments stuff.

I’ll have an ask on Discord and see if anybody has used it!


The patch/Nimbus example uses shy_fft.h.
It’s implemented as templates, so the header file IS the implementation.