Excluding DaisySP

Even in the most minimalist example (Blink) libdaisy and daisysp take 45% of the available FLASH memory. It looks some of the examples don’t use daisysp at all, but the library is still being linked.

I am curious is there a way to exclude daisysp from being linked for programs that don’t need it?


The linker is smart enough to not include any unneeded objects, even if the library is ‘linked’.

Try this - in the Blink example directory, edit Makefile and comment out the DAISYSP_DIR line. Then rebuild Blink - you’ll see that daisysp isn’t linked, and there is no change in the size.

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I just did and it didn’t make any difference. That probably means the majority of the overhead comes from libdaisy, not from daisysp as I thought.

That’s why I suggested you check, as I’d already done so.