Eurorack parasitic voltage

Hello! I’m newbie in gen~, daisy and DSP.
I have version and daisy patch and this trouble:

I need that information is written to the buffer only when I rotate the controller.
I realise it this way.


Everything works fine in max, but it doesn’t work in the module. Not in Patch, not in versio. If I understood correctly, that works some parasitic interferes in eurorack, from which the voltage changes slightly and the “change” is triggered.
Maybe there are options to set some kind of range, filter out parasitic changes or achieve something similar in another way?
Thank you for your help!

Exactly – in the computer a “constant” value signal really is a stream of exactly the same numbers, and so it won’t trigger the [change] object; but in a hardware synth voltages always have a little fluctuation and that will feed through to the [param] in the gen~ patcher on the Daisy. Generally patches needing to do logic will want to condition the input to remove this noise one way or another. If you are waiting for a “significant” change, you might consider replacing the [change] operator with a [delta] → [abs] → [> 0.1], where 0.1 is your tolerance of what counts as a significant change. But there’s other ways of doing this kind of thing too – schmidt triggers, filters/slews, looking for proportional change, etc. Which is best really depends on what your patch wants to do – it’s unclear from your post what that is.

BTW I worry a bit about the [phasor] → [* 512] → [poke waveform] sequence – you might get some pretty noisy data just by that. Are you trying to make a CV recorder that only writes new data when a knob is being turned? This might not be the best way.