Eurorack Blocks

Did somebody tried this?

I would do in the next days…

Pretty sure that Raphael Dingé (@raf here) tried this!

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Indeed I’m the maintainer of it :slightly_smiling_face:

@moo please don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have. If you are on Daisy Slack, I’m also there if you have problems getting started!

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I was thinking I could take the opportunity to give a status update about this project.

So in short, it allows you to rapid-prototype your module in software and generates all the hardware for you.

When you design your new shiny module, you do it all in software, using VCV Rack to iterate smoothly and test it to the bone, and eurorack-blocks takes care of the rest, generating the firmware, PCB, front panel with UV print, drilling, Bill of material, etc.

We didn’t advertise much on this project mainly because it is currently in development:

  • The main PCB that can be mass-produced needs today to be soldered by hand, and that involves SMD soldering,
  • I just received the revision 3 of this main PCB and parts, so I need to assemble it and test it (meaning, there can be other hardware bugs — but hopefully all should work now),
  • The board from Electrosmith we are using is not officially available yet. It is already supported and available in the libDaisy repo though, known as daisy_patch_sm,
  • macOS platform is supported, Linux platform seems to work but not used every day, Windows platform is not supported (yet — there is a ticket opened for it),
  • It is in development, so not mature, doesn’t have yet a Getting Started guide, documentation is incomplete, etc.

Nevertheless, the project is not vaporware, we have real results in the real world. For example, the sample project Drop upper has a real-world counterpart you can see in the following video:

This was presented during superbooth 2021, and in this in interview where you can see a bit more of the end-to-end process (interview for a french magazine, sorry, but pictures will speak by themselves hopefully)

Finally, if you are interested into the project, please don’t hesitate to contact me, preferably on Daisy’s Slack (I check this forum only when notified, thanks @antisvin for pointing this thread out).


I’ve made some documentation to get started in the meantime. The system is using the Daisy Patch Submodule that was announced today and available today on their shop.

To get started with Eurorack-blocks, you can read the documentation here:

I think I’ll make a thread in the Eurorack section on the forum to detail a bit how this project is progressing :slight_smile:


I’ve watched the documentation, you did an incredible job thanks a lot, all its well explained and give more sense to how it works.

I would like to know more how to implement custom firmware in max/msp I think I’ve miss that part…

and still wondering about a Puredata implementation too as the daisy patch

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I’m happy to hear that the documentation helped! Please don’t hesitate to report things that are not so clear :slight_smile:

About Max/MSP, we are planning this integration, it’s not there yet, but on the top list for things to come. In the meantime, we started with the FAUST integration, which allows us quickly to make some tests on how to make an integration and see what problems we could have, in a simple setup.

I’ve already looked the Oopsy work in detail though, so while it’s not really possible to use it directly (because in Eurorack-blocks, people would first start in the simulator, which runs on your desktop computer, not the daisy), it gives a lot of good hopes to be able to bring this quickly.

One question though @moo : One blocker for the Max/MSP integration was that having a GUI editor for the front panel layout (that is on top of the Erbui language) would be mandatory before the Max integration. The rationale would be that Max is a graphical language somehow, so having to program Erbui would defeat the purpose.

What do you think about that assertion?

(I would prefer to bring Max integration first, as the GUI editor is cool, but also a lot of work most likely)

@moo I’ve made a proof of concept for the Eurorack-blocks Max integration :tada:

Documentation is here: Eurorack-blocks: Software to Hardware Prototyping for Eurorack — Eurorack-blocks documentation
Look for the “Max Integration” section.

Feedbacks are welcomed!

If you are interested to evaluate, please get in touch with me for directions :slight_smile:

I have a bug on the real hardware that I hope to chase this week-end, but the rest seems to work properly.