Error when erasing qspi flash

I’ve an error when erasing the qspi flash on my Daisy Path SM:
Erase [============= ] 54% 3932160 bytesdfu-util: Error during special command “ERASE_PAGE” get_status
Does it mean my DPSM is KO?
Another question, what the user led flashing sequence correspond?
3 long flashes, 8 short flashes
Is this the Daisy bootloader mode?

I don’t think your Patch SM is out of commission. That error looked familiar, so I checked Discord and found a user experiencing the same situation.

Their solution was to delete the QSPI flash completely and the error doesn’t occur so often afterwards.

Also, try hw.ValidateQSPI and see if it brings up any errors (please do note of this).

By the way, it’s 1/14/2023 on the ‘troubleshooting’ channel if you want to discuss with that user.

As for the LED sequence, it’s certainly that 2 or 3 slow glow and 8-ish blinks that follows.