Error: unknown error pd2dsy

Hello together, hope you could help me.

When i try to Flash the Blink example from:
“How to Add Daisy Support to Pure Data (pd2dsy)” YT

then i got these error:
Error: unkown error
If your problem persists,
check the log file at “C:\Users\Username\Downloads\pd2dsyGUI_windows (2)\pd2dsyGUI\data\pd2dsy_build.txt”
to check for errors and consider posting
it to the Daisy Forum.

make: Entering directory ‘C:/Users/Name’

make: *** No rule to make target ‘Name\Downloads\pd2dsy_blink’. Stop.

make: Leaving directory ‘C:/Users/Name’

Platform DSeed
Windows 10
I tryed to follow along all instructions on Github

Any ideas what i did wrong?


Hello Algo,
I would be happy to look at this with you.

Could you move the pd2dsyGUI folder into Username? After moving it there, try again and let me know if that helped.

Another possibility is that your username has a space in it. You don’t have to tell us what it is, but does your username have a space in it?
I believe make: *** No rule to make target can happen where there’s a space in directory.
I say this since the first line in that .txt should say something like
make: Entering directory 'C:/Users/Username/Downloads/blink'

Hello Takumi,

thank you very much for your quick reply.
copying the folder pd2dsy to the username folder did not help unfortunately.

Yes my username has a space.

how do i get the whole thing to work now :frowning:
Thanks for your help

I believe the space in the username is causing the issue.
You can try putting pd2dsyGUI folder into into Users and see what happens.

I looked into this a bit before and it seems like it’s a hassle trying to change the username. And it may cause issue with your other apps and files.

The easier solution to this whole thing should be to use plugdata! It’s a great application, and I highly recommend it! The blink example won’t work yet, but you can start flashing other programs with it.

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Thanks, I‘m going to have a look about Plugdata at Weekend.

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I created a new user, now Plugdata works!

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Ah great point! Creating a new user account would be a good solution to the issue of having space in the user name.

Were you able to get pd2dsyGUI with the new user name?
I believe your other account should be fine with plugdata.