Encoder knob parameters reset after power cycle

Hi! So far any gen~ patch parameter I assign to the DaisyPatch encoder knob resets after power cycle, unlike the CV knobs. Am I doing this wrong?

This is correct.
Encoders don’t have any notion of their value, they turn continuously, they only increment and decrement a value in RAM on the microcontroller.
The CV knobs are potentiometers, whose values are read periodically by the microcontroller. Since a pot’s position IS its value, the value is persistent across powerups/restarts.

To implement persistence with an encoder, its value (in RAM) needs to be periodically saved to persistent storage ( e.g. flash, eeprom), and restored on restart.

Thanks for your reply! Is it possible to do that in max gen patches? Via code box? Also I’m trying to find documentation of using the sdcard from gen for storing samples

This I don’t know, I’m not familiar with max gen, code box… this is just the underlying difference between pots and encoders, regarding persistence.