Eagle Footprints/Symbols for Parts on Seed?

Hey folks!

For a school project I’m implementing my Seed design onto a PCB. Unfortunately, as per our project guidelines, we aren’t allowed to have the Seed itself on our PCB and instead we have to use the same parts as the Seed to recreate our project. So far so good, as the provided Seed schematic is very helpful (thanks!), however, I have trouble finding an Eagle library for the following parts:

  • Alliance Memory AS4C16M32MSA
  • TPS6217n
  • IS25LP

Has anyone found these anywhere? If not, any tips for creating your own (if its possible)?


You can use the footprints from Mouser, e.g. here


Seek out the parts you need (be aware I just clicked on the first IS25LP footprint I found) - you have to choose which part you actually want to use depending on your needs, availability, perhaps SMD DIY soldering skills and double check in the datasheet how they need to be connected.

Here’s what you’re looking for, then you can download stuff from the Mouser Library:


Follow the links there for tutorials on how to set it up.

PS. the tip for creating your own is, have a look at the datasheet. The measurements for all variants should be in there and then just make sure you pay attention to metric / imperial.