Dual trace osciloscope

Hi, I’m new to Daisy and recently bought two demo Patch modules, one of them comes loaded with a double-trace oscilloscope and the other arrived empty so my question is if the oscilloscope come loaded from the factory or was it flashed later?

And another couple of questions:
Is the dual trace oscilloscope an open source project or even just available from Electro-Smith as a binary?

It would certainly be a nice capability - kind of an open source alternative to the NuTekt NTS-2!

I remember my Field came loaded with some kind of test program (not a scope) that used the screen and blinked the LEDs, and I’ve wondered if it was available but never enough to ask. It would be good to have a loadable test-diagnostics program that would help people answer the popular question - Is my Seed broken-Have I fried my Seed or am I just doing something wrong? It could even test the midi and audio in and outs by connecting them with a cable!

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