Dual source Acoustic IR pedal

Here is my pedal project

It is a pedal for acoustic guitar with piezo pickup (and built-in mic).
All the processing is based on CMSIS DSP library

  • It provides two kind of FIR filters (quackless and mic-like)
  • EQ shape (17 stages IIR)
  • EQ tonestack based on Fishman mini amp
  • A dual source feature with Baggs Anthem-like crossover.

Check the Youtube video
Youtube link

Github link


Interesting project!

I think you’ve got your footswitches reversed, they should be:
FS1 : 25 (LEFT switch viewed from above)
FS2 : 26 (RIGHT switch viewed from above)

Can you post a photo of your Stereo mod for Terrarium?
(Edit) I found photo of the mod on AGF. Very nice!

Oh wow, this sounds really nice! And thank you so much for sharing the code too.

Here is the picture

and the veroboard


Thanks for that veroboard layout - I might try this on my Terrarium.
I was puzzled by the extra resistor… then I remembered… phantom power!