DStudio - a music studio for openFrameworks/rtAudio - v1.1 released

Taking DaisySP to new places! DaisySP for openFrameworks and rtAudio!

DStudio combines the ofSoundStream class of openFrameworks with the DSP library DaisySP from Electro-smith.

DStudio provides another abstraction layer where you don’t deal with soundstreams and filters but with synthesizers, mixers, plugins and sequencers.

Like making a studio with code!

New in this version

  • graphic editing of patches for all synthesizers and drum sounds
  • editor has MIDI in so you get a live synthesizer with 4 sound engines
  • XML presets
  • generative drone class
  • 2 new effects: Autopanner and Slicer
  • bug fixes and more

The parts of DStudio are:

ofxDaisySP – an addon with DaisySP, a DSP library.

ofxDStudio – an addon which builds upon DaisySP to give you synthesizers, a sample player, drum sounds, FX plugins, a mixer with FX, sequencers as well as utilities. All can be controlled by MIDI.

examples – 10 + 2 examples that shows you how to use DStudio.

In ofxDStudio you will find:

3 synthesizer classes
1 sample player class
6 drum classes
1 mixer class
1 splitter class
2 sequencer classes
1 generative drone class
8 FX classes
10 000+ lines of code
an extensive written manual

Demo on YouTube: DStudio - make music with openFrameworks - YouTube

Github: StaffanMelin (Staffan Melin) · GitHub
Download: Open source – OSCILLATOR