DS as touch capacitor to trigger wav. files

I’m working on a project where I’m wanting a simple touch sensor (wire that can be linked to anything conductive), to trigger the playing of an audio file. I’ve been looking into SD MP3 player components, and I’ve seen how to connect touch capacitors into arduino unos, but I’m a bit lost on how to start piecing it all together.

My first question is: can the daisy seed read a file off an SD MP3 player? or is there a way to store a wav. file on the daisy seed itself so that it can really simply turned on or off via a analog signal coming in as on or off?

Secondly, the audio out needs to be CD quality at least.

Thirdly, ideally I need to it to work only being connected to a battery or power source, not a computer.

Is anyone attempting the same or can help with any part of it?



  1. As of right now, you can only read .wav files (libDaisy: daisy::WavPlayer Class Reference).

  2. Yes, you can use 44.1kHz sample rate with the Daisy

  3. The Daisy can of course be externally powered like with a battery.