Dryftor : another drone machine on Daisy Pod


Thanks for sharing!

There isn’t currently a phaser effect in the DiasySP library. The way you’ve set this up allows for a really easy implementation of a stand alone phaser. Sounds great!

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Much re-writing for this Dryftor !

Dryftor is a simple drone machine with 8 drifting polyblep saw oscillators and delay/phaser/chorus FX.

Imagine a siren in a beehive !

Pod controls assignments depend of the mode you choose in rotating the encoder.

Knobs positions are stored to prevent brutal value jumps when changing mode.


I think my contributions will stop here as holidays come to an end…
Great pleasure to use this Daisy platform !
Cheers everybody

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No, let the holidays never stop! We need more awesome synths with names that I can’t write without typos, Xavier!


mmmm… :smiley: I Iove wordz…

A sound demo gives an idea of Dryftoooor sounds :smiley:


This is cool. I think I’ll order another Daisy Seed, and build a dedicated gadget for this, using switches, pots, LEDs, and NO encoder.

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I understand. 2 buttons and 2 pots are definitly not enough…

Xavier, I just want to thank you for your contributions. Dekrispator and now Dryftor have been highly educative and a joy to use.

I love these sounds, low frequencies with a little bit of drift sound amazing.

PS. Please let me know if you are giving any courses or classes I could join online.


You’re welcome coutlasssupreme ! Very glad you like it !
Sorry no online courses from me. That’s just a hobby.