Download pack for absolute beginners?

Would anyone at Electro-smith consider including an absolute beginner download/install pack on GitHub alongside Daisy Examples?

I’m a musician who was completely new to coding and embedded hardware. Never touched C++ in my life before Daisy (and swore I never would in my music production classes… look at me now).

It was not immediately obvious to me and very frustrating to figure out the various programs I needed to install that were not mentioned in the documentation. For example, I had no idea that I needed CMake to use Makefiles. Even attempting to use Python was painful the first time, since I installed it to a directory that the terminal couldn’t find.

Maybe this is out of scope for Daisy, and there is a certain expectation of knowledge beforehand (I don’t expect Electro-smith to write an entire course on C++), but I think it could increase accessibility quite considerably. These kinds of things are perhaps very obvious to programmers who spend time with it every day, but not necessarily to some of the more casual end users that might want to pick this up.

Would it be possible for a beginner pack to even include a Python script that downloads and installs all of the required programs automatically (CMake, Git Bash, VS Code etc.)? Or would it be more feasible to simply include a list of necessary programs and instructions/links to them?

Hey @TheatreTech!!

Thank you for the suggestion and sharing your thoughts.
I would love to see people learn C++ through the Daisy, so documentations that’ll allow that to happen would be awesome.

And I can bring up to the team about ways that we could make the setup process more accessible to users who are new to C++ development :slight_smile:

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