Does the Daisy Web Programmer supporting PD-Files (converted with pd2dsy)


i am having a hard time to make my Daisy Seed running, but now it looks that the upload of the examples via the Web programmer is working fine.
Unfortunately only DFU is still not possible due to a strange Error 74 problem.

Now I’m trying to uplad my own pd files via the web programmer but for some reason i get no output.
The conversion itself with pd2dsy works without an error, so I assume the files are ok. For the upload with the web programmer I select the cpp-file. Even the upload looks fine but I get no sound.

Any ideas?

Currently the web programmer only works for .bin files.

So you can use it to upload the program after it has been converted by pd2dsy, but it is not yet set up to do the conversion itself.

You will want to look for the .bin file in the build/ folder after running make

We are planning an exciting future for the web app that supports the pd2dsy utility inside, as well as the ability to upload/host custom examples for others to browse and use. These things will not be ready for a while, though.

All that said, the Error 74 that dfu-util (make program-dfu generates is a part of dfu-util, and should not interfere with the actual success of the program. It is an internal error that takes place after the programming is completed while it waits for a response that daisy does not give because it is resets to the program you uploaded).

Hope that helps! If you still have issues sharing the commands you ran with pd2dsy might shed some light on the situation as well (like what breakout board, etc.).

@shensley: thank you for the clarification, now it’s working


Hey there. Any progress on integrating the pd2dsy utility into the web programmer?