Distortion in phaser module

Hi all, I am desperate for help here. I am trying to implement the Phaser module from DaisySP and get terrible stepping and distortion in the signal.

I have tried setting all of the different parameters and cannot get a clean signal or good phaser sound. I have tried attenuating the signal before sending it to the phaser but that hasn’t made a difference. I’ve even programmed the phaser example with the Daisy Web Programmer and that has distortion as well.

The other modulation effects, like the flanger, work perfectly with no distortion.

Can anyone please help?

While I also experienced the stepping in the phaser I’m curious about the distortion, which I did not have. Can you share some dry/wet samples, and more information about your circuit?

I think I may have just found a culprit (although I don’t understand why).

I was using the AudioCallback function with the Interleaving buffers. I just changed it over to the AudioCallback with the standard input/output buffers and it appears to be clean now. I am slowly adding the rest of my app back in now to make sure nothing else was causing it but the different callback parameters seem to be the issue.