Displaying/Drawing a signal


I’m using an Daisy Pod with a SSD1306 display i’ve interfaced it with via spy, and i’ve forked the daisyLib locally and made a few edits to allow the pod to have the display driver and such apart of it just like how the patch has it set up.

My question is now, how would i display a given signal? For the sake of an example let’s say we have a simple Oscillator app, and the only parameter that can be changed is the frequency of the oscillator.

How would I draw that oscillator to the display to visually show it?

Funny enough, I’ve done this via Oopsy gen~, basically just flash my daisy pod as a “patch” and it visualizes the signal (in the squine example). however, i tried looking at the generated code it built to do that, and it wasn’t making much sense to me.

plus, i figured it’d be best to figure out to do this via the display class in libDaisy. I see it has functions such as DrawLine, DrawRectangle and DrawArc etc, i just am not sure how to map a given oscillator to those functions? any and all help is appreciated!

Also curious about this, I have an ssd1309 arriving soon so will let you know if I get anywhere! I have a feeling it will be more to do with mapping a time counter to the x axis of the screens pixels, and the values of audio sanples to the y axis, and using the position to draw a single pixel, but only clearing the screen when it passes all the way across and the counter resets. That’s just a preliminary guess though, I’m still pretty new to using audio in c++.

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Keep me updated on your progress!

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