Display a value on OLED screen?

Hi everyone !
I just received my Daisy Patch, not a lot of sweat to use and it’s already rewarding !
You guys did a terrific job !

I was curious if it’s possible to display a value on the OLED screen, the obvious idea behind that is debugging. There is a few things that don’t behave as expected in my patch and I would to see what is happening.

Thanks for your help.


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It’s a great idea. My first thought is to have any history with _out or _view or somethiing in the name to be added to either the Param view page or a new page for monitoring outputs. (Note added to that issue tracker here Oopsy Scope Modes: Add mode to monitor CV outputs · Issue #40 · electro-smith/oopsy · GitHub)

Note also – we have a proof of concept working that can stream text out of the daisy over USB back to the host via serial input (receiving via the [serial] object in Max, for example).

This is also something that could be integrated for debugging, if there’s a good idea of what that interface should look like in the gen~ environment – i.e., how you would set up a gen~ patcher (using history or out objects) to specify what data to send.

That looks like a good solution, it will do what I need and solve issue#40 at the same time !

Since I’m really new to MAX, I started to have a look on how to hack the param to do this (since param are displayed on the OLED, if I inject values in a param, it should be displayed…) But after reading the code a little bit, it’s not even close to a solution :slight_smile:
Long sentence too say that I would like to contribute, but I’m not ready yet :slight_smile: