Digital pin interrupt

Can someone point me at the documentation/API for using pin interrupts with LibDaisy, I can’t seem to find any. Basically the equivalent of attachInterrupt() on Arduino, so I can trigger an interrupt whenever a pin goes high. Thanks!

You can’t find it because there’s no support for EXTI in there. The rationale is probably that software polling is generally good enough for applications where Daisy gets used. So if you actually need them, you would have to use STM32 HAL directly to configure them yourself and add an interrupt callback. You should be aware that:

  1. They’re not available on every pin, you’ll have to search in the reference manual or somewhere else to find on which ones are they supported

  2. Regarding interrupt priorities, libDaisy sets everything with highest priority (0) except timer interrupts (15). So you should consider how you want EXTI to behave when configuring them, but I imagine you could just set it to 0 too.

Thanks for the reply! I may just use polling for now then. It’s only to trap triggers on a Eurorack module. Hopefully the pulse width of most clocks is wider than my main loop time.