Difference between Daisy Seed and Daisy Patch Submodule

Hi. Could you please explain what’s the main difference between Seed and Patch-sm? I’m trying to choose whether I should get one or the other for my builds. It probably depends on the use-case, so I’m interested mostly in eurorack powered modules with eurorack CV standards, but I also need to pass some data over serial ports as efficient as possible. What would you advice? Sorry if it’s something obvious.

Based on your description, the Patch SM sounds like an ideal solution.

The difference between the Seed and the Patch SM is that the Patch SM features Eurorack signal levels and conditioning.

For example, on the Seed you will need to create a CV input circuit which feeds an ADC pin, but on the Patch SM all you need to do is connect the jack to the CV input on the dev board, without any components in between.

Hope this helps!