Diagnosing a patch thats failing to start up

My Daisy Patch failed to start up this morning. I moved it between racks during a recent module rearragement and it’s now in a happy end kit with only a few other modules. Went to copy a new firmware with make program-dfu but noticed the daisy wouldn’t enter bootloader mode and the power light was super dim. Could also smell something burnt :frowning: When I remove the usb cable the seed power light goes out and the Arm chip is super hot to touch. I’ve got the red strip at -V and am 99% sure I did not move this during the module shuffle but now I doubting myself since I don’t know what else it could be? Any thoughts / ideas how to diagnose?

Try it in the old case again. You could also try to get power consumption for modules in HEK case on modulargrid.net and compare that to what PSU can provide per rail, however it doesn’t show you certain things like inrush current.

MCU gets rather hot during its normal operation as well.

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tried in the old rack (tiptop mantis) and no luck. thought it might be the particular ribbon on the happy ending kit too but it doesn’t work with either. it was originally in happy ending kit (though with a differnet uzues) and had no problems before.

Does anyone know if electro-smith have any kind of servicing options? I emailed them but no response :frowning:

Yes we do.

Our support department has been bogged down lately but I’m sure you’ll get a response back by the end of today.

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