Dekrispator on Daisy Pod

Hi people !
I’m going to try to adapt my infamous Dekrispator on Daisy platform.

I won’t keep midi usb host function at first. I’m struggling to make audio and usb cohabit on my stm32f4 discovery board on my new version.
Cheers !

Hi Xavier,

As far as I understood, USB host would be usable with Daisy only if someone would make a custom board that handles USB power. Which is not the case with current official Daisy-based devices from ElectroSmith. For this reason they haven’t even implemented software part yet. This is based on their official explanation of the issue.

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Thank you for pointing that to me, I’m a bit disappointed…
Anyway USB host is quite a complex thing and we have serial midi ports.

Btw, are you going to use libDaisy or make a project from scratch?

Project compiles but no sound !
:upside_down_face: :face_with_thermometer: :sweat: :grin:

Dekrispator works now !
Ok with bin file but not hex file…
Yes !!!

If someone would like to try it, here’s the binary :
Nothing to tweak, just listen.

Just realized that this is build for Pod, on which Daisy uses different pinout compared to my Patch. Guess I’ll have to wait for source release, if that’s going to happen.

Yes, it’s an open source project ! But it’s bad C quickly put in C++…
I’m gonna try to put that on Github

Done !

Got it working on Patch. Makes disgusting sounds, I’m loving it!

OLED code barely fits in -Os built, but looks like it’s possible to make a UI for it. A better solution would be make bootloader for storing LUTs on flash.


@BlueXav great to see this port for Daisy! Dekrispator still lives on one of our STM32F4 Discovery boards and is one of the coolest open projects for the Discovery boards I’ve come across!

Regarding the USB hosting, looks like the circuitry is almost there on the pod, but I don’t know if it’s bodge-able (we don’t have a pod but are using Dasiy with own circuitry).

The pod already uses the Seed pins for an extra USB connector and if you are able to provide VCC to VBus and pull the floating ID ground to pin you should technically have all the setup you need from the hardware side. Edit: As I understand it! Happy for others to chime in here : )

One problem is that if you are to provide USB gear with power, there seem to be multi-LED grid controllers etc. that just seem to ignore the current limits and draw a lot of power.


@MakingSoundMachinesGlad to hear this ! Thank you ! I quit USB host for a moment…
I’ve added some controls : freeze, mute, tempo.
I’ll continue later.

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That’t great, love the nice and sometimes weird sounds! I played with Dekrispator before, together with the STK and nice long JCVerb reverb. Was easy to run cross-platform.

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A new github location and some controls added !

The bin file is here :

Thanks! Sounds work on the Daisy Patch, but controls don’t. Would be nice to use CV to trigger sounds, select sound type and FX etc, visible on OLED display for Daisy Patch. Will look at it.

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Hey is there any way you can post the code for the patch? Thanks!

BlueXav pushed all sources to github, just click the link to github :wink:

A fork for Daisy Field would be a great addition
…once I figure out how to write code for this thing in a few months I’d hack at it :slight_smile:

edit: YES the code runs and generates sound in the auto-mode but assigning controls will next-level it.

/(total DSP code n00b)

How would I compile this for my Patch? sorry Im kind of a coding noob