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Does anyone know what software comes installed on the Daisy Field? I’d like to find the source so I can restore it after programming other programs into my unit.

@dbetz ,

Not sure, I have one, but have since done a bunch of programming. I’d sugget picking one of the field samples that you like and put that on.


I asked about that in December 2022:
Dual trace osciloscope - #2 by tunagenes and never saw a reply.

As @Jens.Peter.Nielsen pointed out in SD card error handling - #9 by Jens.Peter.Nielsen Electro-Smith did ‘promise’ in the original Kickstarter for Daisy:

"All firmware that we develop will be released for free under a permissive open source license(MIT). "

I don’t see why they think this would be an exception, and it would be useful as a hardware diagnostic. Of course it might be out in some repo somewhere and we just haven’t found it!

Hey dbetz and @tunagenes!

Thank you for bringing this question up! I will ask the team about the factory firmware and report back here as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the wait!

Each Daisy board has a unique test program.

The Seed & Patch SM test programs are written for custom test hardware, while the Pod, Patch, Field, Petal test code writes values to the display.
At this time, they are not publicly available.

The PatchSM / Patch.Init does have a similar program that prints control data to the serial port, and that is available within DaisyExamples as well as the Web Programmer.

This seems wrong to me, both from the standpoint of what was promised by Electro-Smith in the Kickstarter, and from the standpoint of what possible motivation there is for not releasing a test program.

Thanks for the feedback.

We’d be happy to release this firmware if people want access to them.

There are only two reasons we kept them closed at all:

  1. We use this firmware for testing hardware that we ship, and we don’t want to be forced to recompile our binaries every time libDaisy is updated just for internal test firmware.
  2. We didn’t think the firmware would be useful to anyone outside of our staff.

With that being said, give us a little bit of time to get them built / tested with the latest version of libDaisy and we’d be happy to provide them to the community!


Wonderful. I hope-think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results. I’m thinking easier-better support and maybe improvements that you don’t have to do!