DC Isolator on the Patch schematic

Hi guys,
What is the ISOLATE component in the power supply section of the Patch schematic? Is it to remove digital noise from the audio section?

Would something like this do the job?



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Same question here :sweat_smile:

I think I read on another thread it’s part number PDS1-S24-S5-M, however I used PDS2-S24-S5-M on my last build as I thought 200mA max current was a little low, and I didn’t want the supply sagging too much.

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Had the same question. Thanks for the information! Could you give me a hint what kind of FB one should use? Moreover, since the converter is not easy to get, in principle any DC-DC converter should work to step down to 5V, shouldn’t it?

I had the same question, and decided to go for a DC-DC converter. I’m using the RECOM that you can find in the latest Mutable Instruments euroracks module design. One good thing is that it doesn’t heat at all compared to a linear voltage regulator.

It works almost nicely out of the box. Design is here:

You need to make sure that the return current for the digital part goes straight to your main ground (ie don’t mix it with AGND).

The design is using a 10µF capacitor at the output of the DC-DC converter but then the 1kHz switching noise will pollute the analog part. I’ve added a 200µF capacitor between VIN and DGND and that pushes the noise to -84dB on my breadboard test.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Amazing project, very well documented! Hope you will add further blocks (MIDI, SD, OLED?!).


I’m for sure planning to add SD/MMC at some point.

Meanwhile the project took another turn, that is matching more what people need: you can read the updated manifest here and give some feedback on it! Soon we will have develop on your computer with your favorite IDE and debugger, and then auto-magically produce that in the physical world :tada:

I’m keeping the blocks (that now have their own folder), and it will be more suited for hardware developers (so exactly midi, sd, etc.)

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