Daisypatch + eurorack power struggle

Hi there,

Im new in the forum, sorry in advance if this has been brought up already.

I received daisy patch cpl days ago and installed it into a nifty case together with a disting ex+ midi breakout and some other modules. Worked fine til today.
I had to power off/on while usb was connected.
when i switched eurorack off daisy patch’s display was showing weird stuff, as described in another thread, but after switching the eurorack power supply on, daisy patch stayed off, showing nothing on its display.
Also, all of Disting‘s jack LEDs were red, which is unusual.

After removing daisy patch into another case/power source both modules work as usual.

Any idea why this might be?

You may have blown a poly fuse on your -12V rail. Either your power supply, or your power bus if it has them. This happened to me on my +12V rail (not with the Patch) and I vaguely recall my Disting and ES-8 lighting all jacks blue.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Im not an electro engineer, but if the fuse has blown, why is disting working normally after removing daisy patch from the case?

Cheers in advance

A poly-fuse resets itself after it has cooled off. You mentioned that both modules work fine in separate cases/power supplies. This is a good indication that you blew a poly fuse.

Perhaps the combination of modules you had in your rack drew too current much from the power supply, which might explain why it works when the patch is not in the case. Particularly at power-on there is a spike of current known as an “inrush” which could trip a poly-fuse if you are near the maximum capacity of your power supply.

Be aware though, it’s not necessarily the power supply. In my case, I was tripping a poly fuse on my bus board, which I didn’t even realize was there. I’d suggest getting a cheap multi-meter and doing some testing if it happens again.

Thank you very much for the infos and help!
Highly appreciated!!